Welcome to the Rules page !
Rules Page                  

               You may know some rules to enjoy our P-Server 

                      we are glad to help you if you agreed it !

  • Respect our PM's.

  •  Respect other Players .

  • Don't spam in our chat or forums .

  •  Don't spam in Broadcast channel by double sending msg or insulting other players !

  •  Don't use Guest Book for spam or insult the others .
  •  Don't spam us WHY I'M LAGGY because this server running on VPS   server so If you getting laggy it depends on your own connection !

  •  If you ever seen someone break our rules , you have to tell         any GM/PM about it .
      Our GM/PM :  [GM]OneStar[PM]  ( Server Owner ) 

                              We wish you had a great time with us